TxDMV Recognizes Counties for Outstanding Performance

Inaugural Performance Quality Recognition Program Award Recipients Honored

(AUSTIN, Texas – June 20, 2018) The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) honors the inaugural award recipients of the department’s new Performance Quality Recognition Program. The awards recognize county tax assessor-collectors that exceed expected customer service and go above and beyond in complying with requirements related to vehicle title and registration services.

“The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and our partners in the counties are ‘driven to serve’ our communities,” said TxDMV Executive Director Whitney Brewster at a meeting of the TxDMV Board on June 14. “The Performance Quality Recognition Program award recipients are committed to delivering the exceptional and efficient customer service that residents expect and deserve.”

The following Texas counties earned Silver Level recognition:

  •  Andrews County – Robin Harper, Tax Assessor-Collector
  •  Bee County – Linda G. Bridge, Tax Assessor-Collector
  •  Wichita County – Tommy Smyth, Tax Assessor-Collector

The following Texas counties earned Bronze Level recognition:

  •  Archer County – Dawn Vieth, Tax Assessor-Collector
  •  Eastland County – Andrea May, Tax Assessor-Collector
  •  Goliad County – Michelle D. Garcia, Tax Assessor-Collector
  •  Irion County – Joyce Gray, Tax Assessor-Collector
  •  San Patricio County – Dalia Sanchez, Tax Assessor-Collector

The program recognizes tax assessor-collectors at three levels (gold, silver and bronze) for compliance with statutory and administrative rule requirements, the use of effective and efficient office practices, demonstrated commitment toward completing proper motor vehicle transactions, and customer service. Recognition is focused on a variety of items based on industry best practices, including:

  •  Remitting fees on time
  •  Consistently applying statutes, rules, and policies governing motor vehicle transactions
  •  Maintaining bonds required by statute or rule
  •  Performing efficiently and with low error rates
  •  Processing transactions in a timely fashion
  •  Having a fraud, waste, and abuse awareness program
  •  Focusing on customer satisfaction
  •  Implementing cost saving measures


The Performance Quality Recognition Program is a voluntary program available for all Texas counties to apply.