Helpful Tips

Motor Vehicle Help Desk

Our Help Center was developed on the premise that there is always going to be at times complex circumstances with certain motor vehicle titling and registration transactions. As such we keep our Help Center staffed with our most senior line staff deputy clerks who have the depth and knowledge to handle those problems in the most expedient and professional manner as possible.

Our Help Center serves as a primary point of contact for:
*All of our Sheppard Air Force Base Military Family
*All of our area law enforcement agencies
*All of our area businesses who have large vehicle fleets
*All of our area salvage and towing providers
* And lastly even though we cannot offer any legal advice in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one; we can certainly do our very best to address and accommodate the vehicle titling and registration needs that very often accompany those circumstances and our Help Center eases a lot of the frustration when multiple vehicles are left in an estate.

We were very pleased to bring this customer service amenity online in 2014 and it continues to provide a very valued service in our day-to-day operations with assisting our citizen’s needs.

Motor vehicle helpful hints

Avoid the lines: Conduct business in the middle of the month, avoiding the lunch hour.

Bring your I.D.: Titling a vehicle in your name requires your I.D.

Need a cost estimate: General fee information concerning title, registration, sales tax, penalties and standard presumptive value can be located at and Exact fees cannot be given over the phone. We must see all of your documents to be accurate.

Insurance: Bring your proof of insurance. Some records must be verified manually.

Inspections: Most vehicles will require a state inspection NO more than 90 days prior to registration expiration (pending legislation)

Title work: All title transfers require an ownership document and title application Form 130-U.

Debit or credit card use: Card use in our office will incur a convenience fee by the servicing company of 2.50% times the cost of your registration fee.

Driver’s License information: Contact the Dept. of Public Safety. (940) 851-5600

Certified Copy of a Texas Title: Contact Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. (940) 235-4800 option #4.

United Market Street and Supermarkets: Customer service hours at the 4 United’s extends your hours and adds 4 locations for you to renew your registration.