Property Tax FAQs

Where can I find information about property tax sales?

For information or a list of properties for sale due to delinquent taxes, contact the law firm of Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins and Mott at or 940-723-4323.

What do I need to know about delinquent taxes?

Under Texas law, you may be entitled to a payment agreement. Tax Office payment agreements have no closing costs and may save you money over those offered by third party companies. Please call the Tax Office to determine if you are eligible for a payment agreement.

What if I’m having difficulty paying my taxes?

We accept partial payments on current year, non-delinquent taxes. Pay as much and as often as you decide upon receiving your tax statement in October. Make payments over the four months through January 31st. If there is a balance remaining on February 1st, contact the tax office to see if you are eligible for a payment plan. The smaller the delinquent balance, the smaller penalty and interest.

What do I need to know about address changes?

Statements are mailed to the address we have on record. It is your responsibility to notify the appraisal district. We will forward any information you send to us on to the Wichita Appraisal District in your behalf. The Wichita Appraisal District’s change of address policy as published on their web site (, 940-322-2435)

Please send us something in writing either by mail, fax or email indicating the correct address for your property and a daytime phone number where you can be reached, in case we have any questions. In order to protect the interest of the property owner, it is Wichita Appraisal District’s policy not to make permanent address changes over the telephone.

For lien and deed records contact the County Clerk’s office (link, 940-766-8175)

What do I need to know about quarter payments?

With the over 65/disability exemption, the owner qualifies for installment payments. 1/4th the tax amount is required to be paid before the February 1 delinquency date or penalties and interest will be attached. After the last day of February, quarterly payments are no longer available for that tax year. The three remaining payments are due in March, May and July.

What do I need to know about exemption applications?

All applications for property tax exemptions must be submitted to the Wichita Appraisal District. Exemptions on your property for the current tax year are shown on your tax statement. 

How do I make a payment by phone?

Toll-free 1-866-511-6677. If you choose a live representative for assistance, you will need the bureau code of 7580933 and your 6 digit account number. There is a 2.35% charge for payments by card.

What is the payment deadline?

Property taxes are due upon receipt. All payments showing a January 31 or earlier U.S. postmark (not metered postage) will be considered timely. Please include your account number on your check. 

You can also pay by E-Check (using your routing and account number) for a flat fee of $1.00