Property Taxes Are Due Before or on January 31st.


And there is absolutely NO BETTER parking than what you can find in your own driveway! Since 2013 we have made customer service and minimizing inconvenience as our (2) top operational priorities. Encouraging our citizens to consider paying their property taxes on-line or by mail during peak payment periods has helped alleviate so much lobby congestion at our (4) county wide offices. And that has only made for a far more pleasant experience for those who still wish to conduct their business at our lobby windows. There is a 2.35% convenience fee for on-line payments and a $1.00 fee for making payment by e-check that will require your (account & routing number).

And if you choose to come see us please consider taking advantage of our secure property tax payment drop boxes that are located at either end of our lobby at our main downtown annex office. We have installed a secure drop box at our Iowa Park and Burkburnett Field Offices and have installed a secure mail drop slot in the office door at our Electra Field Office. The lobby entrances and foyer areas for our Iowa Park and Electra Offices will be accessible on Jan. 31st for those wishing to make payment on that date. We strongly encourage those who use these conveniences to pay by check as we discourage anybody from using cash in these payment circumstances. On Jan. 31st our Burkburnett Field Office will have additional staffing to accommodate the increased volume that is customarily seen in that office.

If you choose to make payment by mail we encourage you to please NOT wait until the very last minute to do so, as your mail could possibly NOT be postmarked BEFORE or ON January 31st. Please remember that any and all mail must be postmarked before or on January 31st. Mail that is postmarked Feb. 1st is statutorily delinquent by the Tx. State Property Tax Code.

In the aftermath of the shear amount of mail that our offices receive on or after Jan. 31st our property tax staff will be posting payments for the next (10-12) business days into February!! This task every year easily falls within the realm of approximately 700 man hours to complete. But with that being said, we have a great property tax division and they take pride in doing a very cumbersome task in a very efficient and accurate fashion.

As always, we appreciate that the overwhelming vast majority of our citizens take pride in their civic responsibility and pay their property taxes in a timely fashion. Last year our office’s total aggregate collections totaled $ $207,032,737.90 equating to a collection rate of $103,975.57 an hour!

Tommy R. Smyth, TAC,MPA,CTOP
Wichita County Motor Vehicle Registration & Titling Services & Property Tax Division