We mentioned this as far back as last December that at some point our long awaited remodel would eventually get here. And with that being said, we are not all that far off and by either (late Sept. or Oct.) our entire business model for our motor vehicle registration and title services are going to have to be completely reinvented for the unforeseeable future.

As there is NO WAY that we can conduct the sheer volume of those very services once demolition begins on an approximate 12,000 sq. foot renovation and remodel. This is going to be a major (two phase) construction project with our motor vehicle operations being done first and then our property tax division being done second. The on-going demolition and construction in our motor vehicle operations is going to be segregated in such a fashion to allow our property tax division to REMAIN OPEN at our downtown annex.

But once this begins ALL PUBLIC WALK-IN SERVICES WILL CEASE at our downtown annex office FOR MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATIONS AND TITLE WORK. We have a drop box just inside our main annex entrance off of Scott and we strongly encourage you to use it!! Having a drop box just inside the main entrance to the annex was a customer convenience bonanza during the eye of the storm with (COVID) and it should prove to be very convenient for those who still wish to visit the annex.

But the overwhelming blunt of our walk-in volume associated with our motor vehicle registration and titling services during this time will be absorbed by our (3) other county wide field offices.

All (3) of our County Field Office(s): Burkburnett, Iowa Park and Electra are going to be open (Mon. Fri.) from 8 am.- 4.30 pm. We are staggering our designated lunch hours between these (3) Field Offices in such a manner as to have one or more offices open during lunch hours for customer convenience. All (3) of our Field Offices have drop boxes and we encourage our citizens to use those with dropping off their vehicle registrations to be processed. All (3) of these Field Offices will have additional staffing to help mitigate the increased volume that will undoubtedly occur once this business model is initiated. In essence, we are re-assigning just about all of our designated annex motor vehicle line staff deputies to our (3) Field Offices.

And as always you can renew your registration by MAIL or by renewing On-Line. Our office does as much as (800-1100) mail-in renewals a month and we certainly expect that number to trend significantly upward during this construction project.

And all of the above motor vehicle registration methods are augmented with the fact that we have no less than (FOUR) United Supermarket & Market Street Locations that are in-play in Wichita Falls and Burkburnett. Please feel free to visit any one of these (4) location(s) if you are needing motor registration assistance up until 9 pm. every night and even on weekends including Sundays and Holidays.  Remember you have (to be inside) your grace period and you have to have your registration renewal notice that was mailed to you from AUSTIN to conduct your vehicle registrations with any of our area Uniteds. If you are outside your grace period and or you do not have your renewal notice; you will then have to revert back to any one of the aforementioned alternatives to complete your vehicle registration.

We ask for your patience during a very significant construction project that just by its size and scope is going to take just a little while to complete. But just as equally important we ask you to consider utilizing some of our other customer service amenities that you may have never tried before as they are very viable options with completing your motor vehicle transactions. In total there will be in some combination thereof no less than (13) alternatives available for your use during this period of construction.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this is going to cause but please remember that we too are doing our best with trying to stay operational in the midst of a major construction project. And for those of you who have lived in the midst of a home re-modeling project know far too well that it is a “character building experience”!! So we are all in the “same canoe” with this long awaited renovation and remodel.

Please bare with us as I can assure you that our Commissioner’s Court have really put some thought into this project and you are going to be very happy with some of the customer services amenities that our citizens have gone far too long without. The timeline on any capital improvement project is always a moving target, but as the window continues to narrow with the beginning of this project we will continue to do updates.


Tommy R. Smyth,TAC,MPA,CTOP

Wichita County Motor Vehicle Registration & Titling

Services & Property Tax Division