Wichita County Employee of the Month: Sondra Recco

Sondra is the barometer for a positive and upbeat work environment in our motor vehicle operations and far beyond.  Sondra is known for her high level of engagement and involvement with her staff and with other motor vehicle offices throughout our area.  Sondra is always there with a kind word of reassurance and guidance and that is a confidence builder for our entire staff.  Sondra is very proactive with staff development and that has done nothing but build a better staff. Her staff respects her vast knowledge of motor vehicle registrations and titling matters.  Most recently, Sondra is responsible for our office completing a (3) year multi-level process of having our office achieving it’s “Gold Level” Business Practices accreditation in accordance with the (PQRP) Performance Quality Recognition Program of the Texas Department Of Motor Vehicles. With only (2) other motor vehicle offices having a “Gold Level” Accreditation that places our office in the top 1% out of 254 offices state-wide having this level of accreditation.  Sondra is to be thanked for a very cumbersome project that not only reflects well on our office but on county government as a whole.


(Pictured Left to Right: Precinct 1 Commissioner-Mark Beauchamp, Motor Vehicle Senior Supervisor-Sondra Recco, Wichita County Tax Assessor-Tommy Smyth, Wichita County Judge-Woodrow W. “Woody” Gossom, Jr.)


It is not unexpected that Sondra would receive this recognition as Wichita County Employee of the Month. She always presents her warmth for people and vast knowledge of motor vehicle requirements. More amazing is the reception of the top professional services achievement that only two other tax offices of the state have attained. We are certainly proud to have her as part of the team.

Woodrow W. “Woody” Gossom, Jr.
Wichita County Judge and
Past President, County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas